West End Avenue

A highly social family on the Upper West Side sought our services to help them create more cohesive spaces for entertaining both large and small groups as well as create a unified and inviting space for their family of five.   It was important to them to have big open spaces and to keep furnishings to a minimum in order to turn the large living-dining room from family movie watching night to the kid's music class and dance party in a flash.  We selected furnishings that could be moved around the space and arranged differently based on the momentary needs, while still keeping a tidy and coordinated appearance.  Despite the refined look, we chose durable furnishings and commercial grade fabrics to ensure a long wear for the highly used spaces.  The kitchen, central for our clients’ entertainment needs, required the most renovation - our studio drastically changed the layout, moving walls, doors, stoves, fridges, and just about everything else, to create a dynamic circulation pattern and to greatly increase the amount of storage.  We recreated a fresh, new color palette in all the materials, including the flooring, cabinets, counters, and backsplash tiles, so that the aesthetics resonated with our clients’ crisp, breezy style.