For over ten years, we have helped clients navigate through the design and renovation process from conceptual staging all the way through to the final decorative touches.  We are as involved as our client needs.  We have undertaken projects where we shoulder all the day to day details in a renovation, leaving our clients’ calendars uncluttered, and we have undertaken projects where we provide design consultations on client-run renovations or more finished spaces.  We have developed relationships with highly qualified craftspeople, architects and builders, and ensure work is done thoughtfully, carefully, and well.  We source materials from both established companies and upcoming talent to make sure the interior reflects our clients’ beautiful, original taste.

Our inspiration is you. We focus on your needs and goals.  And we believe design should be meaningful, and that your environment should reflect you.  We excel in collaboration and working with your unique needs and desires.  Even in multi-client spaces, we respect everyone’s needs while ensuring the resulting environment is consistent in function and aesthetics.  We provide full interior design services for a wide variety of commercial and residential projects, maximizing space and flow while maintaining a visually textured and harmonized space.


Renee Turman studied sculpture at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and her studies of proportion, color, shape, material, and visual movement have informed her designs.  Her formative years of working in the field of interior design were at Aero Studios, a firm reputed for its warm modernism.  When she is not designing she can be found finding inspiration in tango dancing or hiking, a hobby she has enjoyed since growing up in Ohio.


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